Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tyra in stock babes!

Hey babes, we're back!

We have 2 tYras at the moment! Grab them fast, dont regret later! ;)))

tYra 41
Floral motif in the middle of brown shades
Type: square, chiffon
Availability: 1

tYra 47
Square chains
Type: square, polyester
Availability: 1

Square Scarf : 90cm x 90cm

As usual, We offer the lowest price in town, RM 52 per scarf. It's a flat, best price. ;))

* Please take note, this is what we have in stock, as we write. So that makes all the previous posts irrelevant automatically ;))

Do contact us if any of these catches your eyes aite?

And, if u find the pichas vague/not clear/too tiny/samar-samar/tak jelas/terlalu kecik/need clearer ones, please do not hesitate to ask for more okey? We wont bite, dont worry ;))

U know where to find us,