Saturday, January 17, 2009

To LVoers!

**click HERE for more info darlings ;)

Hi LoVe,

We are now opening orders for the expensive-2-letters-alphabet, LV handbags and accessories.

You may be asking, how in this world could these girls suddenly taking orders on handbags/accessories? and furthermore, LV handbags/accessories?

*ehem ehem* My sister, who is currently residing in Milan, is COMING HOME for good. Hence, we are taking this opportunity to assist those handbags' lovers (LV LoVers precisely) to get their dream bags at a very reasonable price. Lemme stress out the word, REASONABLE. (bear in mind that the price has just shot up!)

How REASONABLE can it be? It wont be a SURPRISE if we were to list down the prices here (it may offend certain individuals anyways). So, do email us at for more details on your LONG-AWAITED handbags/accessories. No harm asking!!! FOC on that! (NOTE : Items are 100% AUTHENTIC )

Neverfull, Hampstead, Montorgueil, Tivoli, Keepall (i would think twice!), Mahina (*droooling), Surya (*drooollliing lagi banyak!!!) Pochette, etc. more

-- FULL Payment to be made to O CBC/H SBC/P ublic Bank account
-- Once FULL PAYMENT is made, NO back outs - NO cancellation
-- Each item COMES in dustbag + paperbag
-- Items to be collected around Subang Jaya/Shah Alam/Kelana Jaya/Sunway and Cyberjaya only (KL City Centre/One Utama/MidValley will be considered!)


-- There will be 2 batches of delivery, 8th Feb and 20th Feb

-- Those who transferred FULL payments before 28th January (daanng!!! i know it's last minute!!!), they can touch their PRECIOUS by 8th Feb

-- Whilst, FULL payments made between 28th January and 10th Feb items will be in your hand, insyaAllah by 20th Feb , the latest.

Yes!! It is REAAAAALLLLL sooon, babesss!!! So, hurry up!!!!! (rampok bank mak ayah jika perlu - kalau nak buat personal loan juga still sempat!!!)

**click HERE for more info darlings ;)


Bil said...

bil nak order satu! yg mcm atas skali.
hmm.. bayar nnt bile dah keje & ade duit.

bulan.luna said...

i loike juga yg itu neverfull!!

zia.inmilan said...

kalau i sell mine ... siap lah nak beli ye

technology said...

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