Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shoes to let go!

Oh Yes! We're having another sales!
Shoes to let go Ladies!!

We have some shoes to let go here, three to be precise =)

Let's get started with the babies aite

Guess by Marciano(SOLD)
Bought them at Parkson, Pavillion few months back for RM 349.00. Used it twice just for a few hours and i can assure u ladies that they look totally perfect just like brand new! *yay* Oh and it's authentic for sure or else ur money back. Size is 6M according to US standard size. Willing to let go at RM 200 =)

Tan vintage-inspired pumps
Bought it online also a few months back but sadly enough they didn't fit me =( The tan colour is totally in right now as vintage has become the 'IT' fashion statement nowdays *LoveLove* Size is 37 according to European standard size. Not very sure on the retail price but willingly to let go at RM 40 *steal* =)

Nose Zebra-inspired pump(SOLD)
Bought this baby last year. Used it once but lost interest of using the same shoe as a friend of mine got the same exact show. So afraid of being called 'boria', the shoes were left unworn since then. The zebra pattern is so awesome that i was agitated to let it go at first=) Size is 37 according to standard European size. Willing to let go at RM 25 *steal*

If u find the pichas vague/not clear/too tiny/samar-samar/tak jelas/terlalu kecik/need clearer ones, please do not hesitate to ask for more okey? We wont bite, dont worry ;))


chEntA said...

yg coklat 2 lawa dan menarik..
kalO bli then,xmuat mcm mn??
plz answer..really2 attract with the choc one!!~

bulan.luna said...

Dear, already mailed u =)

chEntA said...

dh lme cr ksut black and white..
nk yg RM25.0o tuU~

bulan.luna said...

Replied ur mail =)

chEntA said...