Monday, November 24, 2008


Pretty Ladies,

a scarf from Topshop is now up for grab. Hury or you'll regret..

wear it any way you like. here are some examples :

or even

Never worn, bought in the UK
size : 85cm x 85cm
Asking price : RM 20 (steal!)

U know where to find us,

Sunday, November 16, 2008


ohhhh, hooo, Good Day everyone...!!

we're introducing the TOPSS to complete yourself. You'll love you eyes, no doubt.

GUESS White Long Sleeve Shirt with Ruffles

Ruffles is IT (belt not included)
tagged 'L' but fits me, an 'M' perfectly.
Asking price : RM 35

Esprit Asymmetrical Long Sleeve with Lace

*belt not included

She has left me gasping for air. so demure, yet so sexaay..
True colour in the first picture
Made of 100% cotton
Size : S
Asking price : Rm30

NafNaf - Flare Sleeves and Gathered Front (SOLD)

U want a bit more attention in front, no?
Tagged size S
Asking price : RM30

SUPRE Flowery Printed Top with Velvety Bow (SOLD)

Super amazing! nuff said =)

brand : SUPRE
material : satin
description : BNWT
size : XS. fits UK 6 perfectly <33

U know where to find us,

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Guess Jeans


i have a pair of GUESS jeans to let go.

Think of pampering yourself after the long, hectic days last week. or the week before. or last two weeks.. ohhhh do we keep track of time when we shop? =P

Guess Premium Destroyed Jeans (SOLD)

The motives are eye-catching and they provide a sensible reason for showing off you bum bum, girls <33>

Asking price : RM160 (nego)

U know where to find us,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


let's begin, darlingss!! +Can u live without a handbag? + wink,wink +

Bag 1 : Leopard Printed Tote by Valentino

Bought in Milan
Condition : Brand New (but the wrapper and tag have been removed)
Reason for selling : Bought for mom, but it's too fancy for her liking.
RRP : 84 euro (approximately RM400)
Asking Price :
RM200 (negotiable)

Bag 2 : Cache Cache Wooden Brown Polka Dots Bag (SOLD)

Polka Dots return! the cute wooden buckle is simple irresistible.
True colour is in the 2nd picture.
Asking price :

Bag 3 : Large Hobo In Metallic Gold (SOLD)

This is the kind of bag which leaves anyone who sees it speechless.
In superb condition. Used once only.
Asking price : RM30

U know where to find us,

Saturday, November 1, 2008

To fashionistas out there!

Hello babes!!!

We will start posting FaBuLousSssS items next week.

So, stay tuned!