Wednesday, November 5, 2008


let's begin, darlingss!! +Can u live without a handbag? + wink,wink +

Bag 1 : Leopard Printed Tote by Valentino

Bought in Milan
Condition : Brand New (but the wrapper and tag have been removed)
Reason for selling : Bought for mom, but it's too fancy for her liking.
RRP : 84 euro (approximately RM400)
Asking Price :
RM200 (negotiable)

Bag 2 : Cache Cache Wooden Brown Polka Dots Bag (SOLD)

Polka Dots return! the cute wooden buckle is simple irresistible.
True colour is in the 2nd picture.
Asking price :

Bag 3 : Large Hobo In Metallic Gold (SOLD)

This is the kind of bag which leaves anyone who sees it speechless.
In superb condition. Used once only.
Asking price : RM30

U know where to find us,