Thursday, December 11, 2008

World of Tie Rack!

Hey babes out there. Look what we've got here. Tie Racks. *wootwoot*

So, all items below are authentic and BNWT. They come directly from the city of London(are u not excited now!). We do not dare to deal with non-authentic stuff. So buy with confidence yea? If u find the pichas vague/not clear/too tiny/samar-samar/tak jelas/terlalu kecik/need clearer ones, please do not hesitate to ask for more okey? We wont bite, dont worry ;))

tYra 1 (SOLD to Wani)
Seriously, how did they come up with the design? One word, stunning!
Type: square, polyester

tYra 2(SOLD to Hanis)
Zebra! Only PINK ^.^
Type: square, chiffon

tYra 3 (SOLD to Ummumishkah)
OhMyGod! Dont u just love this one! We love the chains!
Type: square, polyester

tYra 4 (SOLD to Min)
Wow, perfect combination of colours!
Type: long, chiffon

tYra 5(SOLD to Farahin)
Go casual yet classy with black & white!
Type: square, polyester

tYra 6(SOLD to Niena)
Flowers always look good on the head!
Type: square, polyester

tYra 7 (SOLD to Shay)
Be different, be fair & square!
Type: square, polyester

tYra 8 (SOLD to Wani)
Who says polka dots is not in-trend now? Wait until u put this on. All eyes will be focusing on u ;)
Type: square, chiffon

tYra 9(SOLD to Hanis)
Another polka-dots bebeh! *LoveLove*
Type: square, chiffon

tYra 10 (SOLD to Bell)
Burberry-ish! We like!
Type: long, polyester

tYra 11 (SOLD to Aishah)
Oh, u'll LOVE this, just like we do!
Type: long, chiffon

tYra 12
Purple fans out there, do NOT miss this one!
Type: long, polyester
(Reserved for Farisa)

tYra 13(SOLD to Alya)
Another polka-dots, in RED!
Type: long, chiffon

tYra 14 (SOLD to Siti)
Now u know we LOVE polka dots!
Type: long, chiffon

So, there goes the Tie Rack (which we named them tYra) scarves.

Square Scarf : 90cm x 90cm
Long Scarf : 40cm x 160cm

Do not worry about the price. We offer the lowest price in town, RM 52 per scarf. It's a flat, best price. ;))

So, wait no more ladies! Place ur order now, before it's too late!

U know where to find us,


qis said...

im interested in tYra 7. is it still available? please check your email. thanks.

schazwany hameed said...

reserve for me 1 and 8 please!

please check ur email!


bulan.luna said...

Thanks for the e-mails babes! Replied edy. ;)))

reena said...

Pls reserve for me no 2 if still avail.

bulan.luna said...

REENA - i'm sorry honey, but that particular scarf is reserved.. u might want to consider taking another one of the lovelies we have here =) they are all fabulous and mesmerizing.

bulan.luna said...

Qis dearie im sorry but tyra 7 is been reserved for another person <33 How bout checking out the other items perhaps? =)

naza said...

hi..just out of curiosity..what's the price in M'sia's Tie Rack botique?

iswatie "colours of life" said...

is there any tie racks yg still available. i'm prefer the square one.

bulan.luna said...

Dear, price for tie rack the last i checked was around 60ish. But it really depends on the location i supposed =) But i can assure you, we give the best price in town! lol! =p Perhaps u'd like to grab one from us? <33

bulan.luna said...

Dear iswatie :

Yep there are few tie racks avaiable. In fact we ve just update on new designs. FOr the time being we have 3 avaiable square tie rack. Tyra 6, Tyra 16 and Tyra 17. Perhaps u'd like to place an order? Do email us ey babe =)

Fynnaz said...


Kalo lah ada lg stok TYRA 1 please reserve for me yer. I really like that pattern. TQ

bulan.luna said...

Dear Fynnaz :

For the time being , we do take orders on ur favourite tyra. U can email ur details and state ur favourite tyra. =)