Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's in stock for Tie Rack!

Hey darlingssss...

These are the tYras that we currently have in stock. Anyone interested? <33
tYra 12(SOLD to Farisa)
Purple fans out there, do NOT miss this one!
Type: long, polyester

tYra 13 (SOLD to Nurul Alya)
Another polka-dots, in RED!
Type: long, chiffon

tYra 17(SOLD to fuchsiaGurl)
Wear this during autumn, u'll be the center of attraction, definitely!
Type: square, polyester

tYra 28
(SOLD to Ira)
A batik design ;))
Type: square, polyester

+++++ NEW +++++

tYra 29(SOLD to Fida)
Maroon, goes with anything ;))
Type: square, polyester

tYra 30(SOLD to Fida)
Pink fibres, what a modern look
Type: square, polyester

tYra 31 (SOLD to Ira)
Who's in for tic-tac-toe?
Type: square, polyester

Square Scarf : 90cm x 90cm
Long Scarf : 40cm x 160cm

As usual, we offer the lowest price in town, RM 52 per scarf. It's a flat, best price. ;))

Meanwhile, we have assigned our special agent Tyra to attack all Tie Rack stores in the world to find
your scarfs.. Let's just wait for the outcome, aite babes?? Do pray hard =D


U know where to find us,


miss R.e.p.u.n.z.a.L said...

payment via ape?
cash direct to u or?
bank in?
if utggl dekat i prefer amik sendiri..hehehe

bulan.luna said...

hey there darl, the payment and delivery is totally up to u. If u prefer cod, then we can meet up ;) Where do u stay dear?

DrSam said...

Wow, bakat usahawan berjaya memang ada. Cantik-cantik semua, gelap mata memandang.

bulan.luna said...

Dr Sam,

Hahah Thanks! Kalau cantik me la beli! <33 *winkwink*

nurulhani said...

u takde ke jual tudung syila rosli....??

bulan.luna said...

Love <33

Im afraid tudung sheila rosli tuh mcm mane ye =) We are more than happy to kno and perhaps provide them in the future =)


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