Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LV Pre-order! WootWoot

We're taking pre-orders for Louis Vuitton! *WootWoot!*

We only take a few orders, so come fast! Order now! Before it's too late! :))

We accept anything on Louis Vuitton UK! We mean ANYTHING! Just log on to Louis Vuitton UK.

And regarding the prices, NOT TO WORRY! Email us your reasonable budget, and we will consider :))
We are FLEXIBLE, babeh!

Payment method:
Full payment is required and should we fail to get the item, we will refund in full :))

So, quick quick quick ladies!

The pre-orders close at 11.59pm, on the 24th of February 2009!


* All items are AUTHENTIC, only cheaper than retail prices in malaysia! So order with confidence! :))

U know where to find us,


karipapsayur said...

kat sini ramai yg pakai LV tp mostly yang x ori. I nak beli LV ori pun takut nnt org kata x ori.. Other designer bag ada x? Raoul ke, Marc Jacob ke.. hehe. Rasanya harganya sungguh melampaui batas, ye tak??

Anonymous said...

y nak takot ape org kate, beli tok menunjuk2 ke..

bulan.luna said...

We might have other designer bags punyer preorder later but this time around we only take LV =) Takpe dear, dont mind of what others wud say, its for ur own satisfaction =) Mail us if u have further inquiries =)


Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

bleh tau harga dia beza dgn mesia ..beza sgt2 ker ...??

bulan.luna said...

Slightly different love which is worth the buy of course =)


aisyah said...

hows the payment like?